We do not buy used manga, trading cards, books or toys/action figures.
Also, we do not buy or sell school books.

We may buy old comic books depending on their condition.

Timemasters only buys older comics, generally from the 1980’s and back. We started selling comics in 1991, meaning we have a lot from the 90’s on up. We are interested in comics published by DC and Marvel, featuring any of their main characters/titles.

Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
The Flash
Justice League

Fantastic Four
Avengers (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk)

Comics should be in Very Good (5.0) condition or better, a great resource for grading your comics can be found here. Once you have figured out a grade for the book, you can use Comics Price Guide to check the estimated Retail Value. Please note that Timemasters does not purchase books at the listed retail value on ComicsPriceGuide, generally we will offer 25%, or 1⁄4 of this price. The reason for this is processing comic collections takes a considerable amount of time, and back-issue comics are not a huge seller.

Timemasters requires a valid ID, your name and phone number when a sale is agreed upon. This is to assure that we do not end up in possession of stolen goods, and that the RNC can trace the sale if such a case arises.

Please call the store first before bringing them in: 709-754-3654

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